I want to cancel an item I just ordered, and change the size of other items. I just placed the order.

If you have come to this page on the same day that you placed the order, your payment has not yet settled.  Since your card payment has not yet settled with the banks, we can not make any monetary modifications until your payment has settled.

The only changes we are able to make with same day purchases are:

  • size changes with no up charge for larger sizes
  • deleting items that you no longer want to purchase


Monetary modifications include:

  • adding a name or number that would increase the overall total of your order
  • changing sizes from AL to AXXXL (only applies when there is a size up charge)
  • we CANNOT add new products to existing orders

If you are trying to make Monetary Modifications, you have two options: 

A) You can contact us back tomorrow to remove the item/items once the transaction clears the bank overnight  or

B) The best option- We can Cancel/Void your order now and you can go back on-line and replace the past order with a new order. 

If we are to cancel your order, we will need to know the Order#, email address associated with your order, or the player and team name.


Please let TUO know how you would like for us to proceed.


If your payment has settled, please provide us the order #, or the name of the player and email address associated with the order.  

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