I accidentally ordered the wrong size. How can I change my order to reflect the size change?

First, be aware that any change to any order can only be completed within 48 hours of when you placed your order. After that period we would necessarily need to check with your Dealer Representative to ensure they have not yet begun to process your order (i.e. adding logos and customization).  If the item has NOT gone into production, then we must ask the Dealer if any change to any order can be made. Once permission is granted, we will make the necessary changes to your order and you will receive an updated Order Receipt confirmation. 

For any change to any order, we would need the following information in order to complete the change:

First and Last Name of the person who placed the order;

The Order Identification number that was included in your email Order Receipt;

The amount of your order.

Send this information and we will make the change you requested:


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