Best ordering practices. How to avoid issues when placing your order.

Here are some suggestions for making sure your order is placed and processed correctly:

  1. Use a current, updated version of any of the top browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox are most common). Be sure you have all current updates for the browser you are using (go into the “Settings” of whatever browser you are using).
  2. Make sure all of your credit card billing information matches with the information that you entered when placing your order.
  3. Please avoid using a DEBIT Card. The reason for this being—DEBIT cards are issued directly via the bank associated with your DEBIT card and are not processed the same way a credit card is processed. Therefore you risk having your bank / institution place a “hold” on your account, even if the transaction was not successful. Depending upon the policies of your bank, it can take up to 5 business days for the “hold” on your money to be released. If you run into such a problem, contact your bank immediately and directly.
  4. Do NOT leave your browser open and try to place an order later.  If you have to leave your browser open and want to come back in to place your order, be sure to “refresh” your browser so as to ensure the page in which you are shopping is accurate.

If you need assistance at any time while shopping online, please contact the Online Customer Care team at:

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