I need to add new items to an existing order. How do I do that?

Generally items can be added (or deleted) from any order within 48 hours of the order being placed. There are limitations to what the Online Customer Care team can do for any order: 1. The change must be requested generally while an online store is still open and ONLY if the Dealer / Provider who is processing and fulfilling your order has not yet done so (fulfilled your order); 2.The change must be requested within 48 hours of the original order. After that time, the Online Customer Care team can contact your Dealer / Provider and request permission to make any change, but can only do so if the Dealer / Provider approves. 

In order to make a change to any order, you must:

  • Locate a copy of your Order Receipt (sent to you via email when you completed your original order).
  • Send us the Order Identification number on your receipt, along with your requested change request.
  • Provide us with the First Name and Last Name of the person who placed the order.

Send this information to: 


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