Who is Teamuniformorders.com?

Teamuniformorders.com is an advanced, automated online ordering platform that is utilized by most of the top providers in the industry. Teamuniformorders.com transacts all online orders on behalf of a provider from whom you are actually placing your order(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases where the “provider” is utilizing the Teamuniformorders.com credit card processing technology, you will actually see the Teamuniformorders.com name on your credit card statement. This is due to the fact that all credit card statements must include the name of the actual company that is processing the order. Please do NOT dispute this charge when you receive your statement.

What is a Provider?
Your provider / dealer is the one actually fulfilling your order. They have simply selected Teamuniformorders.com to facilitate a much better shopping experience for your teams, clubs, leagues and any organizations they serve. When you place your order, it goes through the Teamuniformorders.com technology and your order is processed and fulfilled with the appropriate provider / dealer from whom you ordered.

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